Model Muse Hybrids

Dolls Rebodied with Model Muse Bodies

The model muse body has been so popular that many collectors have rebodied their Barbie dolls with model muse bodies with matching skintones to create a new doll, or a hybrid. Initially, collectors were not enamored with the face molds of Daria, Marisa and Nichelle. Since they liked the new body sculpt collectors removed the original heads and rebodied some of their collector dolls.

The rest is history! MM bodies have been rebodied with all types of heads including collector dolls, playline dolls and even Fashion Royalty heads. You can even find hybrid dolls rebodied by collectors and sold on Ebay.

This section will feature mm hybrids of all kinds. Feel free to browse this collection or upload your own hybrid creations. If you remember the body donor please post the name of the doll.